Drilling for GeoThermal

RMI Group using the latest rig technology to perform geothermal drilling services

CO2 Purification

The first and the biggest in Indonesia that uses gas emission as the main raw materials by utilizing the Union Engineering - Denmark technology

GeoThermal Power Plant

RMI through its affiliate company, PT Wijaya Karya Jabar Power, is developing geothermal power plant located at Tampomas, West Java, with capacity is about 45 MW

Corporate Value


Performing innovation through new concepts development in technology utilization and introduce the concepts to the relevant industries


The presence of potency and capacity that resemble the integral of morale and ethic principles


The capability to achieve targets for business counterparts and for the company

RMI Group is the first Indonesian company focusing on Clean and Renewable Energy

including geothermal drilling, geothermal power plant and carbon dioxide (CO2) purification

PT RMI was established in 1970

with core business in oil and gas industry, which includes civil construction, maintenance of production facilities. PT RMI has successfully completed around 100 projects for the past 10 years and was supported by up to 14.000 employees.

As respond to the impact of global warming PT RMI has transformed to become "Clean and Renewable Energy" company. In line with company's vision, RMI has been implemented actual effort to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

Clean and Renewable Energy 
Performing world-class standard quality in geothermal industry 
Providing high quality liquid CO2 from emission using the latest technology 
Continuously increasing stakeholder value 

Local Wisdom

RMI Partners